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We are an authorized U.S. Tsubaki Chain Distributor. Call us for your next replacement chain needs. Valley Mine Service currently has over 3 miles of chains in stock, including REX chains.


Joy Continuous Miners


CLA arms, Reducers, Gearcases, Pots, Shafts, Bearings, Seals, Ripperveyor Idlers, Rear Conveyors Booms, Pans, Head Booms, Cutter Drums, -33 & -37 Traction Planetaries, Track Idlers, Conveyor Chain, Conveyor Flights, Sprockets and Footshafts, Track Pins & Keepers, Wear Strips, Electrical and Hydraulic, Electric solenoids, Side boards, Tail Rollers, Pins & Bushings, Spray Blocks and Nozzles, Water Valves, Scrubber Parts, Filters, etc.


Joy Shuttle Cars


Conveyor Drive Reducers, Shafts , Takeups, Wheel Units, Steering Linkages, Drive Shafts, U-Joints, Pins & Bushings, Conveyor Chain & Flights, Sprockets, Idlers, Brake Systems, Polyurethane bushings and guides, Electrical and Hydraulic, etc.


Long Airdox Continuous Haulage Systems


  • NEW Hydraulic pumps17663X 50
  • NEW Hydraulic pumps17663X 90
  • NEW 17682X5 (105cc)Tram pumps
  • NEW 17682X3  X9 (75cc)Tram pumps Valve blocks, pulsar pro port pilot control
  • NEW 451002X Final Drive Units, 451584 Track Idlers, Tram Boxes
  • NEW 451973 Track Pads, Track Pins & Keepers, # 89039X1 Conveyor Reducers, Receiving Booms, Discharge Booms, Main frames
  • NEW 451706 30" & 36" Conveyor Chain & Flights (Rock chain & Standard)
  • NEW 89534X1 Flights (30" Casted)
  • NEW 450345 Flights (36" Casted)
  • 83094 Fluid Drive Transmissions, Fluid couplers Chain hold downs, Slide Pans, # 450704X1 X2 Tailshafts Drive Shafts, # 43506x Sprockets, Wear Strips, vacuum contactors duplex line, receivers, transmitters, modules, Electrical and Hydraulic. Filters, etc.
  • 13294 - Heat Exchangers


S & S 482 / 488 Scoops and Uni-Haulers


  • Roller Bearing Center Sections, D6039 Conventional Center Sections
  • Brass, Pins & Bushings, Mounting Lugs
  • Push outs, Buckets, Planetary Axles
  • NEW D 5400-2 Axles, Housings, D-5310 hubs. etc
  • Drive Lines, U-Joints, Slide Joints, Yokes
  • Drop In Assemblies, Bearings & Seals
  • Disk Brake Assembly, Brake Parts, Master Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, NEW Hydraulic pumps
  • A2400X22 Motors, Electrical parts, Chargers and Battery Trays,
  • Contact Tips, X90 Panels, Panel Board Assemblies, Capacitor Banks, Heatsinks & Diodes,
  • Coils, SCR, Buss Bar, Logic Box,
  • NEW Saminco Electric Traction Drive Controllers


Jeffrey 101 / 102 HP- HHP Continuous Miners


  • 28" - 30" Cutterheads, Complete Frames & Sub frame assemblies
  • Cutterhead Boom, Floats, Rear Booms, Sump Frames & Planetaries
  • Tram Assemblies & Idlers
  • NEW Track Pads, Pins & Keepers
  • NEW Ripper Chain (Links & Bit Holders)
  • NEW Conveyor chain
  • NEW Conveyor Flights
  • All Shafts & Bearings
  • Electrical Boxes, Breakers, Contactors, Transformers, Tips, Overloads & Switches
  • Hyd valves, Tram motors, Gear Pumps, All Gearing, Auger Gearcases, Remote Controls & Wear Strips. Etc.


Jeffrey Continuous Haulage 506 C5 MBC / 94L Bridges


  • Main Frames, Receiving booms, Discharge booms, Gearcases, Conveyor chain & flights, Drive shafts, Idlers, Pumps, etc.
  • Valve blocks, New VMS Tram systems, Operator Ride decks (with Fed # approval)


Stamler Feeders


  • Headshaft assemblies, Tailshaft assemblies, Sprockets, Shear Hubs,
  • NEW Conveyor chain & Flights, Chain guides,
  • NEW Crawler Chains, Fluid Coolers, bearings & seals, etc.


High Wall Miner parts


  • Auger heads, Sprockets, Pedestals, Bushings, Pins, Couplings, & Cutter arms


U.S. Tsubaki Chain


U.S. Tsubaki, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of mining chains that are used in underground, above ground, and preparation plant applications. We currently manufacture many different sizes of mine chains for several major OEM*s. This relationship enables us to design upgrades for the chain in the mining equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.


We use premium-grade steel, heat-treated to precise specifications and assembled with the heavy press-fits required to withstand the punishment of today’s more powerful, high production mining equipment. Our complete line of mining chains includes: Shuttle Car Chain, Feeder Breaker Chain, Tram Drive Chain, Wash Box Chain, Drop Forged Rivetless Chain, and Jig Washer Chain. To better service your industry, nearly all of the mining chains are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.




*Complete in-house manufacturing to OEM specification